Is Push Button Profits useless? No.

Push Button Profits is really a marketing system that sells traffic from Traffic Authority. Traffic Authority allows affiliates to signup and advertise their products and services, and in return, they’ll pay out the comission residual earnings on top of any sales that you simply make.

Affiliate marketing online isn’t a scam. It’s simply a approach to sell other people’s products and services and acquire paid a commission to do this.

Push Button Profits allows affiliates to utilize a system to make these sales, and in return, the affiliates receive money a commission. It’s really a quite simple to understand concept.

Is it possible to earn money reselling traffic? YES! Google and Facebook decide to make billions per month reselling traffic to people who need to advertise the website. Traffic Authority has setup a simple way to become traffic resellers and earn commissions on the sale of the traffic packages.

My review for Push Button Profits is really a 4 out of 5. Easy to setup. Easy to comprehend. Easy to earn commissions. I took off some point simply because it does are not free to become an affiliate.

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